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Our company

Verso Wealth Management (Verso) is a wealth management group providing financial advice and investment management.


Our vision

Verso has an accelerated growth strategy and is actively pursuing an IFA consolidation plan to build a market leading wealth management group.


Our approach

Verso’s processes are designed to comply with the FCA’s regulatory requirements and connect with the most commonly used industry applications. Our proposition allows cost-effective customer segmentation by value and complexity, thus allowing differentiated service and advice models via automation, remotely via telephone and video, or in person.



We embody innovative, versatile and world class financial management

Verso believes that the parallel trends of the increased complexity of consumers’ advice needs, their growing adoption of digital services and rising automation in wealth management will endure over the long term. The combination of award winning technology, high quality advice and an exceptional management team ensures that Verso is well placed to capitalise on this.


Verso is pursuing an IFA consolidation strategy. Together with our strategic partners, Cairngorm Capital, our buy, build and transformation experience and expertise will enable Verso to adopt an effective growth strategy, in order to create a World class wealth management group.


Verso’s approach overcomes the inherent, highly manual, inefficiencies in the financial advisory market. We are not only for but led by advisers and will deliver to our clients a quality service that is tailored to their individual circumstances and requirements, whilst being complemented, and supported, by market leading technology and processes.

Effective segmentation will enable advisors to provide a high quality and cost-effective service to existing and new clients, and as such, the model will support a broader spectrum of clients, including the sizeable segments of the population that have been underserved to date, such as modest savers and the next generation of investors.

For advisors, the technology proposition will alleviate many of the regulatory and operational challenges impacting the IFA community, allowing them to spend more valuable time focused on their clients.


Verso is in advanced negotiations with a pipeline of IFA firms and is actively looking for further firms that it can acquire. Andrew Fay, our Chief Executive said, “Verso will make it far easier for advisors to maximise efficiency, reduce compliance risk and increase revenue.

Our goal is to become a leading IFA consolidator and there’s no limit to our ambition. We would invite any IFA firm that is interested in learning more, to contact us. We are really excited to be partnering with the team at Cairngorm Capital. They have invaluable operational and investment experience in the sector, which we look forward to drawing on. Together, we will have the resources and the expertise to make Verso Wealth Management a very exciting business for IFA’s.”



Munnypot provides a fully automated investment service that delivers affordable and easily understood financial advice to individuals. Built to comply with the FCA’s regulatory requirements, Munnypot’s award winning technology provides a straight through processing engine that dispenses financial advice, facilitates financial planning, supports product selection and automates elements of client servicing.


Whitefoord offers a comprehensive wealth management service that combines discretionary fund management, investment management services and financial advice to provide its clients with a highly personalised and bespoke service. Based in London with a team of 31 advisors, investment professionals and support staff, it manages portfolios for private clients, trusts and pension funds, which were valued in excess of £312 million as at Q1 2021.


Cairngorm Capital acquires Munnypot and Whitefoord (Subject to FCA approval) to launch Verso Wealth Management, a digital wealth management firm

15th July 2021

Verso Wealth Management Platform to be Introduced by Munnypot Ltd after it Acquires Whitefoord LLP

16th July 2021

Munnyport partners Cairngorm Capital on wealth management group

15th July 2021

Cairngorm Capital acquires robo-adviser and wealth manager to launch new digital firm

15th July 2021